Tribal Areas of California Map 4th edition (2006)

A 24″ x 36″ poster printed in six colors on Tahoe gloss 100# stock, suitable for schools, museums, and libraries.

Tribal areas and designations have been coordinated with the Smithsonian Institution’s Handbook of North American Indians series. Equivalent designations in common or historical use, are also indicated. Contemporary cities or towns, and several significant geographical sites are located to assist viewer orientation.

Color coding identifies the language families considered to be represented in California. An inset map of North America is correspondingly coded to indicate the location of these families throughout the continent.

The map is available from Pacific Western Traders at the above address. Retail price is $15.00 ($20.00 mailed to destinations within the United States). Cost to retailers is $7.50 (plus shipping) in quantities of twelve or more.


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