How to protect assets from surveillance, excessive taxation, and confiscation?

On your assets declared hunting. And, first of all, from the government, whose goal is to maximize your profit at your expense. And for the sake of this goal, it does not shy away from using all the power given to him by the circumstances.

Any business can be conditionally attributed to one of two groups: in which they help solve problems, or in which they make the most money. This applies to all areas, both in the private and in the public sector. And unfortunately, if the goal of maximum earnings is set, then your assets (money, property) are in danger, and the question arises: how to ensure your assets from surveillance, excessive taxation, and confiscations.

As practice shows, those who are interested in helping people, over time, go not only to a stable income but also to stable growth. However, sometimes this is not enough and greed begins to try to earn as much as possible at this particular moment. Which leads to two things: shortening the life of an enterprise and tightening the methods used for this.

A good doctor tries to cure his patients, train them to maintain their condition independently, sometimes providing counseling services. A doctor who wants to earn more money, no matter where he lives – in the United States or in Nigeria – will make the patient feel better, but not recover, and eventually return.

The same applies to lawyers who have been able to fight for years in court over cases that are resolved in the pretrial order. Or the mechanics who, after repairing the hole in the muffler, suggest changing the interior filters, the oil and the drive belt.

In the sphere of private business, over time, this policy leads to a deterioration in the relationship between the client and the contractor and the business does not survive. It is a completely different story if such a policy – earnings instead of providing assistance – is chosen by the state.

The problem is that the state and state bodies do not exist for the sake of citizens, but for their own sake. As wisdom says: the power always seeks to preserve itself, and only then what is around it. This is most easily achieved through money and control. Money comes from taxes, and control comes from laws, force and weapons, collected money.

And combining these tools, it turns out a “strange” thing: for some reason, no one forbids alcohol and tobacco, which lead to increased mortality, the birth of children with deformities. But if you look at the numbers, it becomes immediately clear: the level of income from these two articles is chic. A new dry law in any large country could lead to a drastic reduction in tax charges.

Or the situation with drugs, for example, in the United States: they declared war. And this is not just a beautiful word: in clashes with drug cartels, modern military weapons are often used (on both sides, I wonder where?), Peaceful people are dying, honest and dishonest methods are used. As a result, the anti-narcotics departments are considered heroes, large sums are allocated to them, and the Pentagon provides its facilities for the continuation of the war.

But for some reason, from time to time the media report that the US authorities are directly involved in supplying weapons to cartels, and part of the income is shared among themselves by departmental officials. Not to mention the net profit from the “investment” in the struggle, which will never be over. And if someone thinks that the situation has begun to improve, a bloody “debriefing” between the two sides will happen. And as in the movie “The tail wags the dog,” public opinion will support the continuation of the war.

The problem in the USA, Russia, China or another country is that it’s really impossible to build a 100% defense. These are governments that quietly change the rules so that the benefits, like in a casino, are always on their side. And they use it. Again, the most striking example is the United States with its Asset Forfeiture – the confiscation of assets, even if it is not proven that a person has committed any crime. For a slight suspicion of even minor violations in terms of logic, the authorities have the right to deprive a person of everything.

Or China: for each resident, a kind of security rating is compiled. The number of “points” will be from 350 to 950 and the data is directly connected with the citizen’s identification document. At the moment, the system is in testing mode and participation in it is voluntary, but from 2020 they plan to make it mandatory.

In fact, the higher the rating, the higher the reliability. The lower – the worse that it has direct consequences. For example, the inability to get a bank loan. Scolded the government? Dropped suspiciously many assets? Are friends protesting the party regime? Defeat access to borrowed funds and other benefits of civilization.

For you, your assets, wherever you live, will be monitored, they will try to impose maximum taxes or even confiscate them. Do not believe? Look at the negative rates on deposits in Europe, on the true yield of deposits in Russia (taking into account inflation, it is negative), the growing amount of reporting from the US to China, restrictions on the use of cash, because it is more difficult to track. They are trying to drive us under a cap, in which slowly, or even quickly, due to the onset of the crisis, they begin to undress.

How to protect yourself in this situation? How not to let the hungry jackals break all that was earned and provided for years and labor afterward?

First, it is worth understanding that nobody will give a 100% guarantee. The power of governments, central banks is that they change the rules to maintain control. Therefore, there will be no solution for all occasions. But at the same time there are steps that can help as insurance – if trouble happens, you will not be left with a bare … head and an empty pocket.

Secondly, asset protection experts highly recommend distance from assets. As Rockefeller said: “Have nothing, control everything.” In this case, it means that you should not store everything in one basket and write it down to one name – your own. If the police decide to confiscate the car and knock you through the database, it will be happy to find another house, a company, several bank accounts, etc.

Therefore diversify separate property from yourself. Keep control, but cease to be the true owner. To do this, use holdings, trusts, offshore accounts.

Keep your assets in different places so that even in the event of the loss of one basket you will not have problems with others.

Without paper, you are a bug, but what is written with a pen is considered true. Therefore, no one can find the true owners of Sheremetyevo or other large objects: on paper one thing, in fact, another. But to believe, according to the law, is necessary for the paper.

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